Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Shoes!

Last Friday Matt and I had to run into town to for me to get some stuff for school on Monday, get LL some more formula, and to get him some new shoes. We realized before we left that we also needed to get LL some new shoes as she has outgrown all of her newborn ones! This was special because it was her first pair of "big girl shoes" that actually come in a box! We spent some time trying different ones on and we finally decided on a pair. She can wear them now, but there is also some growing room in them. I estimate that they'll probably last until September/October. Here they are!

She is proud of her new shoes!

Everybody got new shoes today!

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Emily said...

SO CUTE! I never put Kye in shoes...haha I slack in that department! I wonder when I'll have to start...I keep putting it off to save the money ha!