Sunday, August 9, 2009

6 Months!

When I say that I cannot believe that my baby girl is 6 months old already, I really and truly mean it. People tell me all the time that your children grow up so fast. That I'll blink and she'll be 16. I really really believe them. And I already see it. To think that half of my baby girl's first year of life has already happened, it boggles my mind. Where did it all go?! It seems like last week that I was home on maternity leave, proud of myself for making it through the day all by myself while Matt was at work. I used to have a little baby that couldn't do anything and now I have a baby who is well on her way to crawling. I don't even want to think of how fast these next 6 months are going to go by!

Here are her stats from her 6 month appointment:

She weighs 16 lbs 1 oz (up 2 lbs 5 oz from 4 months - 55%)
She is now 27 1/4" long (up 2 3/4" from 4 months - 92%)
Her head circumference is 16 1/2" (up 1/2" from 4 months)

Now lets start talking about some changes:

1- Food! We are currently drinking between 23 - 28 oz of food every day. That is in addition to 2 meals a day of baby food and cereal. Once we started her on baby food, our struggle to get her to drink her formula went away! This little girl just wanted something to eat!

2- Sippy cup. We've just started giving this to her. So far, she's been a little frustrated with it. I think that is partially due to the fact that I put water in it. I think she gets mad with the water because she thinks it should be milk! I plan on putting milk in it, I just haven't had the opportunity to yet. I'm excited for her to start using it more in the next month.

3- She can roll over all four ways! This means she can roll from her tummy to her back both right and left and she can roll from her back to her tummy both right and left. She'll roll to her tummy all the time, but she's in a stage where she's refusing to roll back over to her back again. She'll start fussing for you to do it for her. But we know she still can because she does it during the middle of the night all the time. :)

4 - Pushing up. She's gotten really really good at this! She can extend her arms all the way when pushing herself up, now. She's getting super strong and I think it's only a matter of time before we really start seeing her start to try to crawl.

5 - Getting her knees under her. This kind of goes along with pushing up. She can get her knees under her pretty good, the only problem is that when she does it, her face goes into the ground! All of the processes are there, she's just got to start putting them together!

6 - Sitting up. She has gotten SO much better at this! At her 5 month post, she had JUST started doing this and had to lean forward pretty far. Now she can sit up with her back straight and she just barely leans on her arms. Pretty soon we'll be seeing her sitting up without a problem!

7 - Blowing raspberries. She does this ALL the time now. This has replaced her "kissing noises" that she did before. I like it and I think that it's cute EXCEPT for when we are eating. It is not good manners (which we are working on) and it makes a huge mess. Other than that, it's adorable.

8 - Dropping her last nap. She's actually started doing this herself recently. Her nap times during the day are 8 - 10, 12-2, and 4-6. That 4-6 nap really isn't happening anymore! She might take a little cat nap for about 30 minutes, but that's about it. This is right on par with Baby Wise and I LOVE it because I get to spend more time with her after I get home from school.

9 - Sleeping through the night. She is doing this now! We might have to get up to give her her paci a couple of times, but even that has been minimal (maybe once a night) recently. That makes me so happy! I think her dream feed has really helped with this!

10 - This one I'm SO happy about - - - NO MORE SWADDLE! AT ALL! In fact, she sleeps in footy pj's and with a small blanket. We don't do a swaddle or a sleep sack. YES! It is so much better not to have to worry about any of that junk anymore. I am so thankful that we are through with that phase!

11 - Putting her own paci in. She can't do this 100 % of the time, but I'd say she gets it about 60% of the time. I don't think we're going to start weening her from it just yet, but I'm glad she's starting to be able to put it in herself. That helps a lot. I think for right now we're going to keep it until 9/10 months, but we're just going to take it week by week and see. She definitely won't have it at her 1st birthday!

12 - Blue eyes. They're still there! And they're still just as bright! Here's hoping that they stay!

Last but not least, here's her current schedule:

6 am - wake up! (bottle)
6:30 - breakfast with mommy and daddy (cereal, vegetable)
7:15 - leave for Grammy's
8:00 - nap
10:00 - bottle
12:00 - nap
2:00 - bottle
3:30 - daddy picks her up
4:00 - home with mommy!
5:00 ish - cat nap
6:00 - bottle and dinner (cereal, vegetable)
7:30 - bath
7:45 - bottle
8:00 - bed
10:00 - dream feed

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Emily said...

yay I LOVE the pics! Everything sounds so positive and wonderful! I think I'm hitting a positive time with Kye too which is nice after all this teething!!! Yay for little LL getting her schedule on track, you did good Mommy :)