Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 Months Old

Last Tuesday, LL officially turned 3 months old. Woo hoo! This is the age of baby smiles and coos and a lot of the fear that "Oh-my-God-I'm-Going-To-Break-My-Baby" is gone.

Last month I listed all the things from these first two months that I don't want to forget. This month I'll do the same:

1- Finding her hands! This month she discovered that she can manipulate her hands to her advantage. She chooses to hold things now (rather than just having a "grasp" reflex). One thing she loves to hold: her rings! It's so cute because she'll hold them as hard as she can so that her knuckles turn white. She actually has also discovered that she can put stuff in her mouth. That means lots of sucking on our hands, and, occasionally, sucking on her rings. We don't let her suck on her hands, but we let her go to town on her rings.

2- Toys. She's just starting to get really interested in playing with toys. We love that now she's alert enough to actually enjoy her surroundings. One toy that we love - Priscilla the Pig! LL loves her, too, and thinks that she is a good snuggle buddy.

3- Her waking up. Lately, LL has taken to giving you the BIGGEST smile when you go into her room to wake her up. Or to get her if she's already woken up. Now, this smile might come about 1/4 of a second before she screams, but at least you get that to start with. :)

4 - Her jungle. LL LOVES to play in her jungle. She will kick and hit and stare and talk for what seems like hours. She absolutely LOVES it!

5- Going for walks. We discovered that LL likes her carrier if she is facing OUT instead of IN. When we would put her in it before, she would just cry and cry. Once we turned her around, she'll be content for as long as you have her in there. Matt and I have taken to having a daily walk around our yard with her. I wish we really had something to walk TO, but that is the down side of living in the country - there is nothing around! We usually go two times around the house and she seems satisfied with that. She LOVES to stare at the few little trees that we have - they completely fascinate her.

6- Holding her head up. She is getting SO good at this! In her carrier, she'll keep her head up the entire time with minimal wobbling. In her Bumbo, she can last about a minutes before the drooping/wobbling begins. On the floor for tummy time (when she's not screaming), she can hold her head up to a 90 degree angle when the mood hits her. She doesn't do this on the floor often because she HATES tummy time, but she has the ability. Now we just need the motivation. She is SO CLOSE to rolling over that it's semi-frustrating, but I know she'll get there in her own time.

7- Her laugh. She has only done this three times (and I've only heard it once), but I'm excited that she's starting it. It is so cute and I love laughing babies. We have such a happy baby and I'm excited that she's starting to express herself.

8-Naked time! This little girls has come to LOVE being naked! She used to hate it when she was really little, but it has changed. She gets so happy when you change her diaper and strip her down. I have a feeling that we're going to just live in a diaper and bloomers ("boomers" as Matt calls them) this summer. Fine by me! I love naked babies!

9-Sleeping on her side. We still swaddle her and put her on her back at night, but occasionally we'll let her take a nap on the couch on her side. It's mega-cute and she loves it!

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