Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st Mother's Day!

This year was (obviously) my first Mother's Day. I was super excited because I felt like this was a pretty big deal! Last year we found out that I was pregnant about 2 weeks before Father's Day. Father's Day was actually the day that we announced to the church that we were pregnant. Even though I was only just pregnant last Father's Day, in a way Matt got to celebrate it, anyway.

Sunday morning I woke up, fed LL and then she and I laid in the bed to take a nap before church. We NEVER let her sleep in our bed, but I do occasionally take "special" naps in there with her. I do not just let her sleep on the matress. I put her on my chest and surround myself with pillows so that if she rolls off, she really doesn't go anywhere. Even though I call them naps, it is more of a nap for her. I might doze a little, but I really never "sleep". I am constantly aware of every noise and move that she makes. Like I said before, I do NOT do this often. It has only happened 3 times so far, so we're averaging once a month.

Anyway, LL and I took a nap and Matt left for church. When I woke up, I found two cards on the bed. One from Matt and one from LL. They both were SUPER sweet and made me feel so special. Matt had also gotten me a corsage to wear to church to honor it as my first mother's day. It made me feel so good that Matt thought, planned, and went out of his way to go and get me a corsage. It was just so thoughtful. I got LL all dressed up for church and we got there about 10:45.

She did really good in church except for the fact that I forgot burp cloths! I have never done that before! I had to go and get some tissues and of course she spit up huge as soon as I sat down in the pew. Also highly unusual. I don't know where my brain was that day! I was pretty shocked because I won the "youngest mother". I thought for sure that there would be someone there younger than me. I got a cute little note pad that has a magnet on it so that it can stick to the refidgerator. Definitely something we can use.

After church, we went home, changed, fed LL, and headed to Matt's brother's house for lunch. We hung out there for a little while and then came home and napped. All in all, it was a great first mother's day!

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